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Monday, June 2, 2014

Download Edraw Mind Map - Pembuat DFD

Kali ini saya akan share software pembuat DFD, Flowchart, ERD, Diagram Konteks dll. Nama dari Program ini adalah Edraw Mind Map. Bisa dikatakan software yang sangat ringan ini memiliki semua fitur yang kita butuhkan saat membuat Diagram, serta ada juga yang bilang bisa jadi pengganti Microsoft Visio. Bagi teman - teman yang sudah kuliah atau yang bingung mencari software yang ringan, mudah digunakan, serta gratis untuk membuat DFD dan sebagainya Edraw Mind Map ini bisa jadi Solusi yang baik bagi anda..

Why Choose Edraw Mind Map

  1. Smart drawing guide helps to layout the mind map shapes automatically. Drawing couldn't be easier!
  2. Lots of high-quality topics, examples and templates.
  3. Supports big size mind map and collapsible topics.
  4. Supports multiple-page Mind Map document and hyperlinks.
  5. Themes, effects and quick styles help create professional-looking mind maps quickly.
  6. Gain greater productivity in mapping with features like automatically align and add multiple topics one time.
  7. Integrated with Microsoft Office application and easy to share.
  8. Generics graphic formats support and WYSIWYG printing.
  9. Distributed as Freeware for personal, NON-commercial use, non-profit organization, educational purpose. No subscriptions. No monthly fees.
  10. Edraw Max, another all-in-one diagram software, is available for commercial use. 100% compatibility.

Ready-Made Symbols for Mind Map

The following template includes some logical shapes to draw a mind map.
mind map main shapes
The following symbols are part of the classic flags to draw a mind map.
mind map symbols

Smart Mind Mapping Guide

Topics do automatically connect when you drag them from the Mind Shapes library. So you need not connect topics one by one. To begin, drag a Mind Shape out onto the drawing page. The smart guide will show as the following image.
Mind Map Smart Shape Guide

Automatic Layout Making Mind Map Drawing Easier

Edraw layout algorithms enable the clear presentation of mind maps with the different automatic mind map layout styles .
Right Hierarchical Layout

Start from Mind Map Examples

To efficiently create a mind map, it is best to start work from the pre-defined mind map templates and examples.
problem solving self analysis mind map topics
Problem Solving Self Analysis Mind Map Topics

Ini Penampakan Dari Edraw Mind Map - Pembuat DFD 

Bagi yang mau Silahkan Klik Download Dibawah ini untuk Download Edraw Mind Map - Pembuat DFD

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